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The Netherlands

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AQUADIP is a company which has developed a range of products for angling, aquatics and ornamental ponds. Mainly we breed and pack fish food and distribute our products via wholesalers across Europe. Various Public Aquariums and Zoos are delivered direct but also retail stores in the United Kingdom are supplied directly through AQUADIP via our own climate vans and via local couriers..

AQUADIP supplies a wide range of live fish food in bulk packs and in ready-for-sale bags of 100ml to 200ml. Products are guaranteed top quality!

Frozen fish food in 100 gram blister packs in 35 different varieties for pond, tropical and marine fish. Flatpacks of 500 gram and 1000 gram are also available.

We also supply 250 kinds of aquatic plants, available in bunches and 5cm pots. Popular species are available as mother plants in 9 cm pots. A whole range of moss is available since 2013 and also a wide range of “Specials” i.e. Anubias on bogwood, Coconut bridges with moss …

Various floating pond plants are available in season. Mealworms and morio worms are produced in large quantities and are supplied throughout Europe. We also deliver tropical and marine fish to Great Britain from well known suppliers in Holland.