Frozen rodents

Our company is licensed by the “Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority” to sell Category 3 material. You are guaranteed of top quality products for your pet. This food is used to feed for example: Snakes and bearded dragons. But also large animals in zoos like crocodiles.

We can offer three types of packagings;

1) Prepacked
Transparant with a small quantity of mice / rats.

2) Bulk pack
Transparant bag provided with a large number of mice.

3) Premium packaging (black box)
The premium packaging is ideal when the retail store got a glass door freezer. This way the frozen rodents are out of direct sight, so people do not get “shocked” when they see the animals – as not everyone is happy to see it. The extra benefit it has is that the end-user can store it safely in their own freezer.

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