About us

AQUADIP started in 1990 as a family business and has developed a range of products for angling, aquatics and ornamental ponds.

Mainly we breed and pack fish food and distribute our products via wholesalers across Europe.
Public Aquaria and Zoos are supplied direct but also retail stores in the United Kingdom are supplied directly through AQUADIP via our own climate vans and via local couriers.

AQUADIP is still a family run business and together with an energetic team of 22 employees we are proud to supply a large range of (perishable) products, consisting of:

* Live fish food in bulk and in ready-for-sale bags of 100ml to 200ml. Bred and packing in the Netherlands.

* Live reptile food in bulk and in prepacked tubs.

* Frozen fish food in 100 gram blister packs, 500 and 1000 gram flatpacks for tropical and marine fish.

* Frozen rodents in mini-grip bags and in a black premium packaging so they are not visible when stored.

* Dry food for tropical and marine fish and terrapins. Available in 100ml, 250ml and 1000ml pots and in kilogram bags.
We are introducing a wide range of pond food in 2019.

* Aquatic plants in 5cm pots, bunched, loose and in terra cotta pots.
But also giant mother plants and plants on bogwood, coconut etc.

* Floating pond plants are available during pond season.

* Since 2018 we are able to offer a Private label for wholesale and retail customers for our aquarium- and turtle dry food range, pond food range and 100 gram frozen blister pack range.
Small quantities are possible to order and we can print any design you want.
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