Live fish food

AQUADIP’s live fish food in prepacked bags is very popular due to the easy handling for consumers but also because of the top quality we produce.

Live food is a feast for fish. It keeps the fish active because they have to “hunt” for their food. It’s fun to watch!
Our live fish food is packed in small bags with water and contains an EAN barcode for efficient in-store handling.

Bulk packs of live fish food are available too and generally suitable for shop use or large consumers (breeders and Public Aquaria and Zoos)

AQUADIP started the company with packing live red mosquito larvae in sachets in early 90’s. Since then the range has expanded massively and is currently producing over 60.000 bags per week!

Live food is perishable and got a shelf live of +/- 1.5 week.
This varies per product. Most of the products need to be stored cool.

The key of AQUADIP is that the foods are being packed in our facilities in Oss, the Netherlands, five days per week, whole year round, to maintain fresh and high quality products.